Jesus Fernandez Lencería «Story of women», P-V 2008
She was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1780. She loves classical music: she has a secret love with an enthusiastic and brilliant pianist.
She was born in Argentina, in the conventillos of the Buenos Aires southern district in the middle of 1840. Owner of a Dating House where the tango of the suburbs is danced, she is a dancer and she is passional.
She was born in Provence, France, in 1870. She is a teacher at a rural school, and she is the sexiest young lady in town.
She was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1901. She is an actress and she has a great sens of humor and drame at the same time. She is nostalgic in her essence.
She was born in Liverpool in 1952, and she is the youngest daughter of J. Lane. She is fan of a local rock band. She left school dans dedicates herself to follow the band. This local band eventually dedicated a song to her.
She was born near London in 1812. She is a writer and she hides her identity under the name of Charles D. Nobody can reveal her secret.
She was born in Tuin, Italy, in 1902. She is a gardener and she loves flowers. Before they fade away, she sews them in her underwear so they can last forever.
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